Seasonal Beef and Grain Farm

By on December 4, 2014.

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 Saskatchewan grain and beef farm operation. based at Montmarte
The machinery that is utilized is not new, but it is well cared for and functions well. Owner handles all major repairs and related duties.
The farm is 3,360  acres.
2,350 acres are under cultivation and 750 acres are pasture and hay land.
The crops grown consist of wheat, canola, peas, and oats.
Grain duties are:
• Basic equipment maintenance
• Operation of a tractor with heavy harrows
• Operation of a tractor and air drill
• Operation of a windrower (crop cutting)
• Operation of a combine
• General duties as required

Machinery used in the grain operation are as follows:
• 9380 Case tractor
• 60′ Ezee On air drill with 350 bushel tank
• 976 Ford/Versatile tractor
• 2 x Macdon windrowers
• 2388 Case combine
• 1688 Case combine
right road cow and calfright road farm

Excellent position to gain experience in all operations on the farm. Accommodation and food provided with access of vehicle.

Send cv to or phone for more info on 01926 812316