New Zealand


The countryside in New Zealand is so breathtaking it’s often used as a movie backdrop. Whilst we can’t promise you a career in the movies, we can provide you with some amazing agricultural jobs to choose from.

What about working the Earth in New Zealand?

Whether you’re looking at working 1,000 acre or 10,000 acre farm, New Zealand’s agricultural industry requires highly skilled and semi-skilled agricultural professionals looking to really deliver. Look at our agricultural jobs for more details on jobs in New Zealand.


We make applying for the right visa easy. It depends, of course, on whether you require a permanent or seasonal work visa, but you can rest assured that we will support you along the way. You should be aware that it can take 6-8 weeks for a visa to be approved.


A beaut life is out there for bang-on people looking for agricultural jobs in the boondocks of NZ. If you’re into hard yakka and committed to doing a ka pai, not interested in no half pie, there are heaps of opportunities.

Follow the sun…

When the season ends in New Zealand, the season is just beginning in the UK and Canada. With a little planning, we can help you follow the sun, if this is how you roll…

Kia Ora

If you’d like to have a yak with Ruth or Bruce about opportunities in New Zealand, they will be stocked to talk to you. Please feel free to just get in touch for a good chat.

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