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Both Bruce and Ruth, our founders, lived in Saskatchewan, Canada, working the Earth on their farm for many years. They’d be happy to talk about any aspect of this amazing country, which is often considered one of the last great natural frontiers.

What about working the Earth in Canada?

Whether you’re looking at working 3,000 acre or 100,000 acre farms, Canada has high demand for talented agricultural people. Take a look at our agricultural jobsfor more information.


Applying for the right visa is a piece of cake here at Moveover. We will support you through the visa process, which takes around 6-8 weeks, depending on whether you require a seasonal or permanent work visa.


So you’ve got your bunny hug and ya looking to earn some loonie… If you’re no mudpup, and you’re ready to move to the boonies to even up your farmer tan, check out our agricultural jobs in the last frontier that is Canada. It’ll be awesome!

Follow the sun…

When the season ends in Canada, it’s just beginning in Australia and New Zealand. If you want to follow the sun, we will help you keep your tan topped up.

Whadda ‘Yat?

If you’d prefer to have a yak with Ruth or Bruce about how they can help you mosey on over to Canada, please feel free to get in touch; they’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and if you’re wicked, we’ll find you the right job.

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