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It’s official; the largest island in the world is also one of the happiest places to live. According to the UN, Australia is a great place to live and proper high on things like standard of living and human development.

What about working the Earth in Australia?

Whether you’re looking at working a 3,000 acre or a 300,000 acre station, Australia has a highly developed agricultural industry where skilled agricultural professionals can prosper. Take a look at our agricultural jobs for more details.


Applying for the right visa is easy here at Moveover. Depending on whether you require a seasonal or permanent work visa, we will support you through the entire process. Typically you should allow 6-8 weeks for your visa to be approved.


Bonzer times await fair dinkum cockie’s looking for a yabber about agricultural jobs in Oz. But, if you’ve got kangaroos loose in the top paddock, or if you’re a bit of a Galah doing bodgy work, you might wanna stay put. No bludgers here.

Follow the sun…

When the season ends in Australia, it’s just beginning in the UK and Canada. With a little planning, we can help you follow the sun.

Fancy a yabber?

If you’d prefer to have a yabber with Ruth or Bruce about your move to Australia, please feel free to get in touch; they’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and if you’re a professional battler, not afraid of hard yakka, we’ll find you the right job.

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